Top 5 Places To Visit in Spain

The Kingdom of Spain refers to a sovereign country located in the Iberian Peninsula in southern western of the European continent. The state also owns several other islands in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea and also near the coast of North Africa. Its neighbors include France to its north and northeast, Portugal to the northwest. It is among the only three countries which have a Mediterranean coastline together with Morocco and France.

The natural environment in Spain is very soothing, making it a perfect place to move to after your retirement. This article tells you all you need to know if you think that you might move to Spain someday. The country houses mountains and plateaus as well as beautiful rivers which make Spain a hotspot for tourism activities and other recreational activities. Depending on the geography of the tour destination, you will enjoy a variety of climatic and weather conditions. You are to choose from the Mediterranean, semi-arid and oceanic climates. With all these climate variations you will be able to enjoy your stay in Spain. Whether you are in the beautiful cities or enjoying the countryside sceneries, the beautiful Spain will offer all the travel desires of your life. Let us take a quick tour of the top 5 places you must visit in Spain.

5. Valencia

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This one is the greatest and oldest cities in Spain. It is located in the eastern part of the country. It is in the third rank regarding the population. This city is perhaps the best place to spend your summer vacations. It has a buzzing and a serene environment where you can enjoy the sunny days. Historically the city has been well known for the River Turia, which ran through the city dividing it into two portions. The river was later redirected and was replaced by an incredibly beautiful park. This landmark has made Valencia one of the most charming cities in Spain because it is filled with cultural diversity and an entertainment complex with unbeatable intrinsic and aesthetic values of museums, planetarium, and an aquarium which will give a faster addition to the Spanish environment. Festivals here are the order of the day because Valencia City regularly hosts Fallas festivals. Every neighborhood presents papier-mâché figures of different kinds and at the end of the week they are all burnt down in a ceremonial occasion and every one party through the night. This city is the ultimate place to hold colorful festivals and party nonstop. Touring Valencia will rejuvenate your moods under all circumstances. Don’t miss it.

4. Madrid

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This city is not just like any other city. It is the largest and the capital of Spain. The reputation for Madrid has grown due to the diversity of culture and artistic heritage. The city boasts several museums such as the El -Prado museum and top notch nightlife clubs and other entertainment resources. The strategic position within the Iberian -Peninsula influence its touristic importance because most of the famous sites are located within this city. The diversity in ethnic grouping in the city makes it one if not the top notch cosmopolitan cities in Europe. The city hosts the famous Royal Palace and the Puerta del Sol, which a gigantic plaza was offering a famous scene of festivals, street performers, international gatherings as well as a hub for public transportation network. Another impressive feature is the Plaza Mayor, which hosts the San Miguel market. The climate in Madrid is suitable for all kinds of activities during your is mainly continental climate mostly dry and characterized by hot and dry summers, relatively cool winters with frequent frosts and occasional snowfall.

3. Spanish islands

The Spanish islands are among fascinating islands in Europe. The two principal islands are the Balearic and the Canary Islands. The Balearic Islands are located to the east of the Spanish mainland while the Canary Islands are located off the southern coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. Colorful beaches make this island worth every visitor’s attention. The beaches are endowed with a rich diversity of flora and fauna making the place a perfect tourist destination for the nature lovers. Some of the famous natural attractions include Maspalomas Dunes and the Teide volcano. While you explore the Canary Islands, you will experience a whole new magical world from the unusual features such as Lagomera the magical isle popularly known as the walkers’ paradise which assumes a shape resembling an orange that is cut into segments. It is the home to the only remaining laurel rain forest in North Africa. Another crucial aspect in these islands is the food and beverages. They have a distinct taste resulting from the beneficial ingredients that make up these snacks. There are so many museums and monuments in these islands indicating a rich history such as the oldest university located in San Cristobal de La Laguna. Next time you visit Spain be sure to visit these amazing islands.

2. Barcelona

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The city is in Northwestern Spain and is a unique place compared to other cities in Europe. The reason for this uniqueness is the variety of vibrant culture, lively shopping, and buzzing nightlife. The famous Barcelona boasts the best architectural marvels such as Antonio Gaudi who is renowned for the famous Sagrada Familia church and the Cassa Batlo both of these amazing architectural features possess fascinating designs and shapes and also colors; these qualities will charm you to an extent you will always think of revisiting the place. This city is the home of the famous football club FC Barcelona; this alone attracts millions of people from all over the world. The site offers exceptional recreational services which should keep you engaged and relaxed all through your vacation. You can decide to sunbathe on the Barceloneta the city’s most famous beach. Being such an attractive city to visit, it is important to make sure your accommodation is just as suitable. Luxury villas such as those at Utopia Villas are an alternative to hotels that can enhance your break in this city.

1. Granada

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This town is the best place to visit in Spain. It possesses all the qualities that make up an excellent tourist destination. Ranging from the physical environment to the social-cultural environment this place is the ultimate site to visit in lies at the base of Sierra Nevada Mountains of southern Spain. Being the capital of Granada province and having a great diversity of cultural attractions Grenade offers a perfect mix of traditional and animated as well as spectacular attractions such as the famous Alhambra. This feature is a pinnacle of Moorish art that encompasses the Andalusian history and other cascading water features and lush gardens. This medieval complex offers a memorable architectural sight for the whole of Europe. Many people flock from all over the world in a bid to enjoy these ornamental values provided by these spectacular features. Don’t be left out. This place is the perfect tourist destination in Spain. Visiting places is an exciting activity and calls for some heavy expenditure.

It is inevitable to visit thrilling places which will offer a lifetime experience. Touring the sites listed above is the perfect choice you can ever make.

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