Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland a federal country situated in Europe and is officially known as Swiss Confederation. The country is located in the central and western part of the European borders Italy south, France to the west, Germany to the north and Austria to the east. Switzerland, therefore, is a landlocked country. Despite this geographical positioning, the country has undergone extensive development and is among the top wealthiest nations of the world. Looking at various indicators of the state of development for this country, it is evident that the country ranks at the top globally concerning economic competitiveness, human development, government transparency, civil liberties as well as the quality of life. The country is rich in diversity of life which includes natural as well as man-made features including the social, cultural aspects. A favorable temperate climate is another issue which the country boasts. This climate varies depending on the locations for instance in the mountainous areas you can enjoy the glacial conditions, but as you move towards the southern tip, a Mediterranean climate welcomes you warmly. This engaging environment and various outstanding world class hotels make Switzerland a potential tourist destination in the European continent. For those who possess the gene for traveling, let us explore the top 5 places in Switzerland which you must make a point of visiting. You must not miss these gorgeous touristic locations.


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5. Bern

This city is the capital headquarters of Switzerland, and it is one of the oldest medieval towns. It is probably the most beautiful if not the most attractive urban center in the is strategically positioned on the steep slopes along river Aare. Sandstone arcaded buildings make the town so quiet but a serene atmosphere that every tourist would like. The natural terrain comprising of hills all around and the steep banks are still forested. Thanks to the UNESCO for designating this place as a world heritage. Nature has been conserved to a point that its appearance represents the definition of the beauty of Mother Nature. The site is also endowed with several miles of arcades which the locals refer to them as Lauben; it is the longest weather-sheltered shopping promenade in the whole of Europe. Millions of visitors gather to this place for the sake of having a glimpse and enjoying these wonders. While in Bern, you will enjoy an inspiring view of the clustered roofs of the old town and also the gorgeous Alps at the Horizon. The city also boasts a Bear Park attributed to the symbol of this city which is a bear. The park is situated on the river Aare. With all these amazing features, Bern is truly a place worth your interest.

4. Lucerne

This town is another incredible place to visit located in the central part of lies exactly at the foot of Alps at the northern end of Lake Lucerne. Its reputation has grown widely due to its appealing and inspiring lake views. Excellent man-made features are also available; these include the old town’s city square and the chapel bridge. This bridge is of great significance as it is the oldest wooden bridge in all of the Europe it is also known as Kapellbrucke. Besides, there is a large iconic lion monument that is meant to depict profound honor to the fighters who died during the French revolution of 1792. Another stunning feature to visit in Lucerne is one of the ancient church structures called Baroque-style Jesuit Church having an impressive architecture that you will leave to remember. You won’t satisfy your needs in Lucerne if at all you won’t visit Pilatus Mountain and engage yourself in sporting activities such as hiking, climbing as well as proving your bravery at the Pilatus rope park. Accommodation facilities are classy, and therefore, you enjoy your stay without any hassles.

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3. Zermatt

This place is the most attractive vacation villages in Switzerland. It stands foot of MT Matterhorn, the most photographed mountain in the world. The suitable topography, as well as the terrain, offers a perfect place for hiking and ski region. It is the reason why it is considered the number one vacation village worldwide. The ski area is over 200miles long and includes a total of 63 mountain railways. The Matterhorn glacier paradise is the biggest and the highest lying summer skiing region. Most of the world champions ski teams visit this place during for purposes of intensive training. Zermatt also offers a suitable environment for the mountain climbers. With over 400kmof hiking trails the Haute route is perhaps the most challenging course in the whole world. Some of the hiking trails date back to the 13th century, offering a clear historical feeling. The accommodation is world class, and the environment is spotless. This status is probably due to the strict environmental law enacted in1947 which permit cars without a combustible engine to enter the village.

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2. Geneva

This city is the largest in Switzerland locates beside Lake Geneva, which is the largest freshwater lake ins Europe. While in this town don’t miss to visit St Peters cathedral which is well remembered for the protestant reformation preached by the famous John, Calvin. Amazingly, just in the vicinity of this famous church is an underground archeological site which attracts thousands of visitors in the aim of understanding the human history. Another outstanding feature is Jet’ d’Eau monument. It is the world’s tallest fountain extending to a height of over 140 meters. For the shopping lovers, Geneva has attractive streets e.g. Rue de Rive and Rue de Rhone which offer an awesome shopping destination. Top notch accommodation facilities are available as there are so many hotels offering excellent accommodation.

1. Zurich

The strategic geographical location of this city makes it famous all over the is located in the heart of Europe at the same time in the central position of found on the northern shores of Lake Zurich and offers an impressive view of the snowcapped Alps I the horizon. The diversity in the cultural flair and the numerous leisure activities makes this city a prime target for all tourists all over the world. While you are on vacation in Zurich, you will be thoroughly entertained by the resources available downtown. These include lively nightclubs, art galleries, sailing activities and spectacular museums. Transportation is very easy in and out due to the closeness to the airport. Accommodation is not a hassle as there are unbeatable and excellent facilities all over the city.

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Touring is an important part of our precious lives. However there are so many places one can visit, but not all will leave you smiling. Different areas have different attractions; therefore, it is upon you to make a wise decision of where to visit. Touring the sites listed above is the best option because they will encode a lifetime memory.

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