Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world. It is located in the southern part of the Asian continent. The rapid development in last 50 years has led Singapore to become one of the best tourist destinations in the earth. Visiting this Asian tiger can be extremely enjoyable. There are numerous attraction sites both natural and manmade that leave you stunned. Some of the most visited places include zoos, incredible buildings, and botanic gardens. The diversity regarding cultural, social and religious life makes it hospitable to all types of people. To ease your travel plan, we are going to look into the top 5 best places to visit in Singapore.

5. Orchard Road

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The street is just 1.36miles. However, regardless whether it is the first time to tour Singapore, you are going to like it. If you like shopping and entertainment this is the perfect [place for you. The street is more than 100-year-old. Initially, it was a habited by temples, hawkers and other open air activities. The place was also famous due to orchid plantations. Over time, there sprung shopping stores, which lays the foundation of the present orchid read. Today the place is home to reckon hotels, shopping malls, and fashion stores. While on tour here, you can buy different wares ranging from the ancient woven, traditional arts to the latest fashion attires. While walking on the lanes during the daytime, there are Angsana trees that keep you shaded from the sun wrath. Orchard Street is the shoppers’ haven that makes everyone keep memories of Singapore.

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4. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

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Marina Bay Sans is one of the iconic man-made feature in Singapore known worldwide. The buildings are the most photographed in the whole world, making them a wonder on themselves. The resort is also the most expensive casino regarding construction cost. It was opened in 2010 and since then it has served a significant role in the Singapore’s tourism sector. The amenities and safety systems are best in class. The whole place is secure with the best Security system for commercial premises. Since it is an integrated resort, It has various sections that keep visitors flocking in every minute. While touring this resort, there are many reasons to keep you excited. One of the amazing features is three a hotel each 55 story which is interconnected on the roof. The interconnecting roof segment is approximately one hectare. At the front side of the hotels are exhibition blocks and for the people who love gambling, there is a massive casino with over 100 tables. Of course, some may choose to read about the advantages of online gambling options, making that side of things not the best. No worries though as there’s plenty more that can be done to pass the time. Swimmers can have a great moment enjoying the biggest elevated swimming pool in the globe. There are numerous nightclubs for evening fun and observatory towers to help you have the clear glimpse of the city. For shoppers, there are numerous international stores located in the resorts. Besides, there are pavilions and theaters. The fascinating thing is that the resort is the home to the word largest lotus pavilion. Access to Marina Bay Sand Skypark can be done through water canal and road and railway.

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3. Singapore Flyer

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It seems that Singapore wants to break all records in the world. The Singapore Flyer is another exciting feature to experience while on touring the country. It provides unique moments as it offers a panoramic view of the island and neighboring islands. While on the on the flyer you will enjoy the scenery view while in an enclosed capsule for the security purposes. It has transparent glass windows that are large for easy viewing. A proper view is enhanced by the flyer being raised 165 meters above the ground level. While inside the capsule, you can see some of the iconic landmarks such as Raffles Place, Empress Place, and Singapore River. On the ocean side, soothing water waves are viewable, sailing ships and on the far, you can spot Sentosa Island airport. On the other hand, you can locate some parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. To make your flyer trip unforgettable, you can have a cocktail or dinner inside the capsule. The flyer was opened on 2008, and it operates from 8:30 to 10:30 each rotation taking 30 minutes.

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2. Singapore Zoo

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For the people who have the love for plants and animals, while touringSingapore you will have the best moments. The Singapore Zoo is where you can spend your time as you watch various species of animals. The zoo size is 28 hectares but has an enormous diversity of both animals and plants. As you walk through the walking lanes, you will experience a soothing effect of a rainforest. The presence of various plant types will brighten your eyes. The zoo is partitioned into 11 sections. Every section has its experience making it an ideal place to visit. The zoo host variety of animal from docile to most dangerous. The dangerous ones should not scare you as they restricted by glass walls thus unable to climb. You will have the advantage to watch 100 species of animals. There are some of the thrilling moments as one gets entertained by animals such a lions and tigers. You can also enjoy some meals at the Ah Meng Restaurant. Singapore Zoo receives more than 1millions per year when planning to visit this country make sure you are one of them

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1 Garden by the Bay

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The garden by the city is a place where every visitor to Singapore must not miss. Covering over 100 hectares the garden is located near Marina reservoir. It mostly includes a reclaimed land and receives more than 6 million tourists per year. There are a lot of thrilling features that are found in this garden some include; flower dome, this section mimics the Mediterranean features. Here you will experience the conditions and plants found in Mediterranean biome. The area covers 1.2 ha. The other one is cloud forest; the area encircles 0.8 ha, and you can experience the conditions and plants found in high altitude areas. The other feature is super trees. These are as tall as 25 to 50 meters. They are covered with ferns hence giving them a green color. On the other side, they are fitted with photovoltaic cells that are used to trap solar energy. During the night, these super trees shine as they emit light and play music. Other places in this nature park where you can spend time is children garden, horticultural garden, and flower market.

For sure, Singapore is a land of wonders. There are thousands of places one can explore, be it natural or manmade attraction sites. When planning a visit make sure that at least you have visited one of the sites reviewed above.

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