Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Norway

The Kingdom of Norway, as it is officially known, is a relatively small country stationed in the northern Europe, including some of the islands. It is densely populated. Featuring giant mountains that divide the country, the coastline is fjord. The country has a rich history since it can be traced back to the Viking times. Due to the economic development, Norway has been streamlining her tourism to compete well globally. It has old cities dating back 9th C. On the other hand, rise of modern cities, improved transport systems and a vibrant hospitality sector are the driving force to the country’s tourism. To have a clear picture about Norway, we are going to look into the top 5 best places to visit.

5. Oslo

The city of Oslo is over one millennium old since its foundation. It is the largest and most populous in this Scandinavian country. Bearing in mind how long it has been operating, it is a rich source of ancient history. The mixture of modern and medieval architectures offers a picturesque appearance. Forest covers the vast area of this city thereby providing a serene atmosphere for outdoor activities. For instance, one can embark on hiking and cycling. The abundance of parks in the town also is ideal as one can take a rest as he watches different bird and plant species. In 1624, the city was destroyed by fire causing abandonment. The remains are still visible today, and one can tour these ruins. Entertainment is enhanced by numerous bars restaurants and night clubs. Learning more about the Norway’s history and culture is encouraged by the presence of 50 museums in the city. Some of the most prominent institutions include Henrik Ibsen Museum. This museum is located in the last house of a renowned Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen. The other one is Munch Museum. It houses a significant collection of Edvard Munch. As you walk in the city, you will see a horseshoe shaped Oslofjord shore. There is a broad range of attraction you can tour in Oslo to an extent of not covering them exhaustively. Accommodation and transport in the city are excellent.

4. Stavanger

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This city is among the largest municipalities in the country. It is an important destination for the tourist. It is found in the southwestern part of the country. For the people who have a craving for beaches, this city is a perfect destination. Many shorelines of Scandinavian are fjord. The one in the town of Stavanger is exceptional. It is a long beach with appealing sand thus ideal for sun basking. It is common to find the port with many cruise ships filled with visitors from various countries. Others make stopovers on their ways to fjords. Some of the common activities in this beach are swimming, surfing and boat riding. The monotony cannot build up as there are numerous attraction sites within the city. Here are some of them. Norwegian Petroleum Museum, it is while here you are going to learn all about oil and gas. Kjerag, this place you will see a 26 miles long fjord formed by the glacier. It is only allowed during the summer. One of the best medieval architectural, the Stavanger cathedrals is also found here. The old days transport has been preserved as an important relic that was in use in 18th C. Stavanger is a home of numerous accommodation facilities where one can spend the time to relax. Transport is available whether water, road, and rail. 

3. Lofoten Islands

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Lofoten islands are one of the top destinations in Norway by both local and foreign visitors. The islands are found on the northern side. The tiny scattered islands with irregular shorelines house small villages. The majority of people here embark on fishing. As you get to the Lofoten, you are going to realize that they are situated on below the fjords. The weather is not extreme as during the summer temperatures gets up to 23 ºC. However, you should be well prepared for weather changes within seconds. While touring these islands, there are various attraction sites the one can enjoy. One of the most notable ones is high rising mountains surrounding the islands giving a rise to a stunning scene. During the summer one is in a position to experience midnight sun and polar night during winter. Lofoten Island beaches despite their ruggedness are considered as most beautiful and romantic in the whole of Europe. The other iconic site is Lofoten Viking Museum. Activities include mountain climbing, whale safari, diving among others. The accommodation is available on the island. Accessibility is by boat or road. 

2. Bergen 

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Tracing its foundation back to the middle age, Bergen is a port city and third largest in Norway. It is a world heritage city by UNESCO. The city is of great importance to the country as it is one of the cultural cities. When touring the town, there are numerous fascinating features. Bergen Art Museum, it houses various arts from the early times. The museum is one of largest in the northern Europe. Bergenhus fortress, the building, was built in 13th C and served as the high place. It is one of the best-protected relics in Norway. The Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum, it contains protected knitting factory that dates back many years ago. Astonishingly, the machines are still in working condition. Other sites include Siljustøl Museum, Bergen Maritime Museum just to mention a few. After touring these sites, one can get involved in concerts, stage art, visiting beaches, and hiking. Accommodation is available in the city, and it can be accessed through the air, water road, and rail.

1. Western Fjords 

Norway is a country of fjords. However, in the west of the country, you will encounter great fjords with very high cliffs. They stretch as long as 200 km and 1.3 km deep. These western fjords are among the top tourist attraction in the country. Some of them have been listed as heritage sites by UNESCO. As you tour these deep fjords, It is common to encounter waters falls. Besides visiting these magnificent land formations, you will have a chance to see the old Hanseatic docks in Bergen called Bryyen, Flåm railway in Flåm and Trollveggen in Åndalsnes. Apart from tours activities like fishing, glacier walk and mountain climbing are available. There are numerous accommodation agencies in the Norway’s western side. The area is accessible through air, roads rail and boats.

The beautiful fjords, evergreen environment, beautiful glaciers and historic sites should make you revise your trip plan. Norway is one of the best places where you can spend your time and money without regrets.

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