Top 5 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country with a broad range of diversity regarding flora and fauna. The island nation is one of the last countries to be settled. It is found in the extreme southwestern of Pacific Ocean. The nation consists of two main islands and other numerous islets. Despite its remote location, it possesses a variety of tourist attraction sites that invites millions of visitors every year. The tourism industry is enhanced due to the existence of beautiful topography ranging from high rising sharp mountains, active volcanoes, and beautiful beaches. It has well developed urban centers with modern amenities and good transport system. On the other hand abundance of national parks creates a delightful environment for the tourism sector. To understand well the attractiveness of New Zealand we let us review the top 5 places to visit.

5. Queenstown

The city is one of the highest receivers of international visitors in the country. It is found sandwiched between Lake Wakatipu and menacing snowcapped mountains. The view always offers a serene environment and unforgettable memories. Due to the proximity of Lake, as you relax you can experience a soothing breeze. Lake Wakatipu provides a ground for practicing recreational fishing. On the other hand, one can embark on boat riding, kayaking, and cruising using 1912 old paddle steam cruise ship. Apart from urban life, one can opt to take a drive through skipper’s canyon. The 22 km way passes through appealing scene such as 1901 Skippers Bridge. Skiing is another memorable event to participate in while in the tour to Queenstown. You do not need to be an expert in skiing; here everyone with an interest can do it as it offers one of the best skiing grounds with ultra-modern facilities. It is one of most loved in the world. The skiing period usually happens between June and September. It is not always wise to go for extreme exercises all days, sometimes is better to relax your mind. Queenstown Gardens will treat you well as you experience the serenity of the place. It has many plant species that offers a relaxing mood as you take a view of the lake. Regarding accommodation and transport, you do not need to worry as they are available depending on your choice. However in some places, you will have to go back to the city as there are no facilities on the sites.

4. Franz Josef Glacier and Westland Tai Poutini National Park

One of most known New Zealand destination for visitors is Franz Josef. The primary reason it attracts tourists is the presence of Franz Josef Glacier. The snow is found in the Westland Tai Poutini National Park extending 7.5 miles. It sits on the western side of New Zealand. Annually it receives over 250 thousand visitors. While visiting this glacier, there are many activities involved. You may opt to take a walk all the way from the bottom to the top. If you would like to have a clear view of the Glacier and the Southern Alps Mountain you can take a helicopter. Hiking on ice is also possible to have a better view. The absence of many trees on the glaciated grounds has made it possible for the development of biking trail. You can do mountain cycling on these trails. After enjoying yourself in the glacier, at the bottom you can embark on kayaking. Along the kayaking trails, you will be delighted by various species of birds. Other mind blowing activities you can engage in include skydiving, kiwi spotting and visit the gold panning at the river Waiho. To sum up your stay in the park one can take a plane to have an overview of Whole Park. To access the park, you can use road or air transport. Accommodation is available in the Franz Josef town.

3. Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is one of world heritage sites in New Zealand. It attained the status in 1993. It is the earliest national park in the country to be established (1887). The mountains in the park hold significance position to the Maori people as they consider them as the connection point between the community and environment. They also hold a prominent place in their cultural and religious life. Touring this park gives you an opportunity to explore the sweetness of nature. It is here where you will experience beautiful volcanic mountains, some dormant and others active. Among the most favorite activities, you can embark on is Tongariro Alpine Crossing Adventure. The adventure is a high altitude trail. It allows you to experience a panoramic view of the low-lying places, explore the craters, spring, and amazing lakes. The whole trail spans around 11 miles and will leave you breathless. Other activities include skiing, fishing, hunting, and horse riding. While on tour to this park you are going to see different species of extraordinary trees depending on the altitude. The park houses over 70 species of birds and other animals. Accommodation and transport are available as there are numerous hospitality agencies.

2. Bay of Islands

Feeling a fresh sea breeze on the shores of an ocean during summer is one of the best experiences when on vacation. The bay of island is one of such places. Located on the north northern New Zealand, it is a great tourist destination. The whole bay measures about 10 miles width, 144 small islands and over 90 miles of shoreline. You will have to take a 3 hours’ drive from Auckland. In the islands, there are many activities that attract guests from all over the word. The most popular ones are diving and snorkeling. There exist various historical sites where you can spend your time. Mission House and Waitangi Treaty Grounds are some of the historic sites to enjoy. You have a chance to interact with local people and learn about their history. Touring museums complement this. On the bay, one can buy some of the traditional wares from locals. The fun does not end there; there is a variety of wildlife to watch as you relax. Swimming dolphins, penguins, whales and other subtropics animals are can be seen. The place has a variety of accommodation places depending on your capability. Transport is also smooth.

1. Milford Sound

Milford Sounds the best tourist attraction in the country, receiving about 1 million visitors annually. It is found in the south island in Fiordland National Park, Piopiotahi (Milford Sound) Marine Reserve. It is among one of UNESCO’s heritage sites. The site is fantastic and creates unforgettable memories. When visiting Milford Sounds, the scenery is superb. You can see playing dolphins and penguins. At the evening, you will observe glowing worms of New Zealand. From the high rock walls are fantastic waterfalls and prominent peaks. The primary activity in this site is cruising. The cruising offers a fascinating view of the Milford Sounds. It can be either a day or night cruise. Kayaking is another great event; it allows one to get to the extreme corners where cruise ship cannot. The place is accessible on the road, though, is a long way drive. Walking is also ideal to be able to have a clear view. Several lodges and hotels provide accommodation. 

New Zealand can be considered as a remote country. However, the remoteness has helped her to live for a long period without human disturbances. Eventually, it has a diverse ecosystem with unique creatures that everyone has the urge to see. These animals can only be seen as long as next time planning a trip you will you will set this country to be your destination. 

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