Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Italy

The Italian Republic is a country in continental Europe, located in the southern part. Its climate is mainly the temperate seasonal climate. It boasts a large population of approximately 61 million inhabitants making it the fourth most populous member of the European Union. The state enjoys an ideal geographical position because it is in the heart of Mediterranean Sea. The country shares geographic borders with France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, San Marina and Vatican City. The Apennines Mountains and the Alps are important geographical features of Italy as they form part of its boundary. Another amazing thing about Italy is its shape which resembles a boot. Other fascinating facts that make Italy one of the best tourism destinations are interesting landscapes, trendy fashions, hospitable people, art resources and of Course the top notch Cuisine. There is so much to explore and see and enjoy in Italy that would probably take a lifetime to cover. To make your travel plans easier let us explore the top 5 tour places in Italy that outdo others.

5. Venice – Italy

This place is among the most interesting and lovely places in the world. Fascinating enough, this place is virtually a sanctuary on a lagoon and has retained its originality. It looks the same as it was hundreds of years ago. Even though Venice has decayed since time immemorial, its romantic charm has continued to increase and has become a great touristic area of the world. It receives more than 20 million tourists annually. Just like other locations Venice experiences weather variations depending on different seasons but touring this place when the weather is conducive, will allow you to have the best taste for this touristic site. The best season is spring when you can enjoy some favorable temperature ranging from 5 to 15 degrees Celsius around the month of March. The place is endowed with various features such as islands of Murano and Burano where you will find many picturesque hotels with excellent accommodation facilities. Other unusual features that you must visit while in Venice are the museums the most famous ones include the Museums of S.T Mark square which displays excellent collections and materials at a pocket-friendly fee. Various spectacular events will keep you hooked up in romance with your partner. These events include the Romantic dinner cruise such as the Galleon Dinner Cruise. You must not miss this entire extravaganza. Voga longa is another game that resembles the marathon under water that also permits the use of powered vessels; this is a must do activity while in Venice.

4. Milan – Italy 

Milan is probably the mega fashion center in the whole is also one of the most important cities of Italy due to the financial strength. Being the second most populous town in the country, and a metropolitan city it is one of the most beautiful places in Italy where one can consider spending the precious vacation. Despite having been bombed during the World War 2 raids, the city has restructured itself gradually to become a renowned business base in Italy. Narrowing down to what makes Milan the ultimate tourist destination in Italy is that it is primarily a place full of worldly pleasures that include nightlife, football, fashion modeling among others. Milan also hosts many magical and historical sights which include the grandest Gothic cathedrals in the world. It also anchors one of the best opera houses worldwide called the Galleria Vittorio. It hosts several UNESCO world heritage sites such as Santa Maria Alle Grazie Basilica which contains world’s top paintings. Milan also offers a broad range of museum arts which offers an exceptional collection of Roman statues and glasses and other art galleries. Some of these museums store some masterpieces that date as old as 9th and 10th centuries. Examples of these institutions within Milan city include Bagatti Valsecchi Museum and Poldi Pezzoli Museum just to mention a few. The city host some of the oldest churches in history, examples includes the Duomo square which is the Milan’s main cathedral; while you are inside this church, you will have the opportunity to climb to the roof where you will have an impressive view of Milan city as a whole. Other churches include the Saint Maurice, Saint Ambrose, San Nazaro among other beautiful churches.there is so much to enjoy while in Milan city, we cannot exhaust everything but one fact stands Milan is a paradise on earth.

3. Sorrento – Italy

This town is ranked among the most charming in Italy. The city features some interesting architecture ad has world class cafes and restaurants offering lively nightlife all through your vacation. Excellent transportation facilities are available as there are ferries that regularly commute in and out. Modern buses and trains are also cheaply available to ensure you don’t face any hassles during your stay in this beautiful town. While you are in Sorrento, you can engage yourself in several activities such as swimming, boat riding, bike riding and sunbathing. Decent beaches will charm you to remain in this lively town. The place is endowed with outstanding monuments and museums e.g. Archeological Museum of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Museo Bottega Della Tasia Lignea, which displays a collection of locally applied arts. For the nature lovers, the place is blessed with the beautiful marine environment and nature reserves where you can enjoy the beauty and quietness of nature.

2. Florence – Italy

This town is the capital of Tuscany region of Italy. It is considered as the hub for cultural, artistic and architecture gem. The number of museums will not only amaze you but also leave you with unending imaginations of this place. The city carries a total of 80 institutions those at the skyline of the list include the Palazzo Della Signoria, town hall, the Palazzo Davanzatt among others.To get an excellent view of this city, you can climb to the top of Cathedral or Giotto’s bell tower. Another remarkable feature representing the city’s tourism richness is the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, which is one of the oldest and survived the World War II. You must not miss this stunning feature. For those who like shopping, Florence offers the best atmosphere for shopping wandering the streets of Piazza Santo Spirito will enable you to shop all kinds of goods at your pleasure. For the music lovers, Florence has got you covered by the Uffizi street performers. In actual sense, this place gives you the real taste of Italy.

1. Rome – Italy


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As the old saying states the Rome wasn’t built in one day, the same applies to the touristic aspects of this big city of Italy. You will need several days to have a real taste for this is packed with astonishing historical and modern touristic sites which will give you a lifetime experience you never knew. Being the capital of Italy and being the cradle land of one of the greatest civilization on Earth, Rome has many goodies to offer especially in tourism. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and has beautiful places ranging from millennium-old churches, romantic ruins, opulent monuments, graceful fountains among other remarkable features. A trip to Rome will be meaningless if you will miss the Vatican museums and enjoy various collections such as tapestries and maps painted by the famous Rafael of the Sistine Chapel. Another point of interest you must visit In Rome is the Colosseum which is located at the center of the city which represents an ancient arena; it was and is still an iconic symbol of Imperial home. There are many activities to do while in Rome. It is simply the best touristic site in Italy.

Coupled with various attraction sites, Italy is one of the best places to visit on the earth. The beautiful beaches, monuments, and other recreational facilities offer you the best value for your money. 

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