Top 5 Best Places to Visit in France

The French Republic is a European nation standing on the western side of continental Europe. Many people know the country due to some of its wines like Champagne and d Bordeaux. On the other hand, some people recognize it due to one of its famous military leader Napoleon Bonaparte. These are some of the things that make France famous around the globe. On the other hand, the country is the greatest tourists’ destination in the world receiving over 80 million people per year. Tourism in France is favored by the presence of historic sites, museums, hotel and other factors. The country has 13 sites classified as world heritage. Moreover, it is the home of world largest museums. To understand the French tourism better below is the review of top 5 places that one should pay a visit during their lifetime.

5. Loire Valley

The main reason to explore a place is to get the satisfaction and discover new things. Having an excellent touring place can offer a thrilling experience in life. When in France, Loire Valley is irresistible. It has a span of 170 miles and houses Loire River. Geographically it is found in the central region of the country. Being one of the world heritages under UNESCO, it is one of the oldest places to be inhabited. Along the river as one tour around can see ancient cities dating back to lower and middle Paleolithic age. It is agriculturally productive, and you will experience vineyard field, fruit orchards, and other horticultural products. The area has a serene environment due to natural forest cover, exceptional landscape, and large rivers. Plantations of sunflowers further enhance the beauty. The presence of vineyards suggests that wine lovers will have a great time tasting wine from one its original home place. Along the river, you will encounter medieval cities, ancient villages and beautiful natural parks. If you love art, the area is perfect for you bearing in mind that the pioneers of art like Leonardo da Vinci. Cultural activities are common in the region and can make you feel like never leaving. Accessing Loire Valley is smooth from the capital due to the superb roads and rail network. Accommodation, on the other hand, is available round the clock.

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4. Bordeaux

As the name suggests, Bordeaux is an elegant place as it is with the wine. The city stands river Garonne banks. It is among the largest cities in Europe and largest in France. It hosts many malls, hotels, and cafes. Besides that, it houses several learning intuitions. Despite the lack of sky scrapers, the city has many fascinating places one can spend. One of the activities that are common in the town is cycling. It is said that the available paved bike tracks are over 111 miles. Another exciting thing is partying as you enjoy some of world finest wine. Some of the available known brands include Château Haut-Brion, Château Margaux among others. There are also some other places that are worth to visit to make your trip unforgettable. Such places are like Les Quais. This place offers a relaxing mood as you walk along the River shore while watching the surrounding environment. One can opt for a boat ride or through a ferry. Other attraction sites to visit are Gambetta Square, Musee D’Art Contemporain, and Musee D’Aquitaine. Accommodation in the city is available while the transport is excellent.

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3. Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is located on the North West France. The island is about 0.6 miles away from the coast. It measures 100 hectares standing at the endings of Rivers Avranches and Couesnon. This island was recognized as a heritage site in 1998 by UNESCO. Amazingly, the island existed even before the exit of Roman rule 460 AD. Touring this historical site is fun. As it is only accessible by foot one will have a chance of walking as you feel a cool sea breeze. You will have a moment to view different sceneries before you get to the Mont. The entrance is achievable through two avenues. The main gate offers a chance to have a chance of getting to souvenir shops. By entering through the main entrance, it will direct you to a raised platform enabling you to have a clear view of mudflats. Despite which route you use it will lead you to the top of the island. Once on the island a lot can be seen. Abbey of Mont Saint Michel, this abbey was used as a prison, and some of the equipment are available, For example, human hamster wheel. Accommodation and places to eat are available; however on the island, there are no accommodation facilities. They are only available on the mainland.

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2. French Riviera

Having a diversified trip is very rewarding. One can learn a lot of things rather than when having statics tours focused on one region. French Riviera is a part of France located in the southern part of Mediterranean Sea. It features a modern city with sizzling beaches. The place is one of top tourist destination in France where The Alps descends to meet the sea. Besides, spending time swimming in the sea one can explore some parts, like East of Nice. It is home to old town namely Menton and Monte-Carlo. The western Riviera, this place is densely forested and full of rocks. Despite this, it has several resorts. Another great place to tour while in Riviera is Cagnes Sur Mer. it usually houses old quarters and race courses where you can enjoy horse riding and racing.

1. Paris

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Paris is the French capital, and it is one of the richest cities regarding attraction site. The city has annual tourist traffic flow of over 15 million. The majority of visitors to the country do make sure they step their feet in Paris. If you intend to visit the city, there are some places that you must tours. One of them is Louvre Museum; it is the best-known museum in the city. It holds an extensive collection of the gallery and other early materials. The building itself is an attraction as it was erected in 12th C. in additional to that it houses the most famous painting of Mona Lisa. Besides the museum is a pyramid shaped glass building. The other must tour structure is The Arc de Triomphe. It offers enjoyable moments, especially for photo sessions. The structure is among top photographed in the city. At the top, you can climb and experience a panoramic view of Paris. To sum up your visit to France the best place to end it in a style id Eiffel tower. It was erected on 1889, and it is a great world iconic tower. Its tallness is 324 meters. It offers a pleasurable time as one observes the city from its top. Alongside, there are restaurants. Other places of importance include Sacre-Coeur, Centre Pompidou, and Sainte-Chapelle.

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Having a chance to visit France is a great opportunity; has a lot of areas to visit. Whether the trip is meant to be educational, recreational or research purposes. It offers a better choice compared to other world destination.

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