Top 5 Best Places to Visit in England

England is one of the most famous nations in the world. It forms part of the United Kingdom – the country made up of the four nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Geographically, it’s positioned with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west on the island of Great Britain. It is surrounded by the Celtic Sea to the southwest, the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. The nation covers a significant portion of the central and southern part of Great Britain. It boasts developed facilities and infrastructure that boost its tourism, whilst the diversity and history regarding the natural and man-made attraction sites make the nation one of the most attractive on Earth. Regardless of the small size of this country, it is packed with a lot of tourist attractions that serve the locals as well as the international tourists with an enjoyable experience. Let us explore the top 5 places that you must visit in England.

5. Lake District

In the northwestern part of this great nation lies the largest national park in the is situated in the county of Cumbria. The stunning terrain makes this place the perfect place to spend your vacation. The area is hilly and mountainous and has an attractive shape resulting from the curving by the glacial type erosion. The scenery is very appealing due to this natural carving. The terrain offers a perfect place for recreational and sporting activities such as hiking and hill climbing. The site hosts millions of international tourists every year, and it is considered as the premier destination for the hiking and climbing enthusiasts. Accommodation while in this place is not a worry at all. There is a variety of hotels that bests suits your needs ranging from affordable as well as luxurious ones. The location features beautiful woodlands and lakes where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as bike riding down the hilly lanes. The lake has some artistic and literally connections especially the famous William Wordsworth who attributed most of his poetry to the surrounding landscape of Lake District.

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4. Suffolk


Suffolk is a place where you will never want to forget. The natural ecosystem itself is very aesthetic therefore offering inspiring scenery. There are multiple beaches, fringing along this coastline which is naturally positioned offering an incredible view of its visitors. Many people travel a long way from their homes just to have an experience in these fringing beaches. Thousands of people flock to the place to enjoy this God-given landscape especially during summers; they enjoy a favorable climate for games such as kite flying and family picnic through the vast sand dunes. The place also has a significant biodiversity that comprises of wild plant species as well as fauna. This region is the perfect place for nature lovers because they can enjoy bird watching. The dense wetland ecosystem mainly composed of marine plants hosts many rare species such as dragonflies, moths, butterflies, and snails. This richness makes it listed among the England’s ten designated national parks. For one to enjoy the beauty of nature to the maximum, this is the place to visit.

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3. Stonehenge

The Prehistoric sites that offer a detailed understanding of the past. It is for this reason that the ancient sites are such an important feature. Most of them leave no written evidence and all what’s left its some mere speculations. Scientific methods such as carbon dating can provide an insight of the originality of acclaim. Stonehenge is one of the prehistoric sites in the world and a top attraction site in the was created by a past culture that existed millions of years ago. However, no written records exist therefore most of the information about Stonehenge remains a subject of discussion. This prehistoric site consists of large erected stones which according to some scientific evidence, are dated back to 2500BC. The purpose of these standing stones remains a subject of discussion though some scholars believe that they were meant for ceremonial or religious purposes.

2. Cotswolds

They are a range of gentle hills located in south-central England, with the highest range reaching a height of about 335 meters. These hills are very attractive especially due to the vastness of the evergreen fields. The region’s beauty is highly complimented by the stone-built villages and historic towns and stately homes. Additionally, the close vicinity to London offers an easy striking distance where visitors can commute with ease to and from with the aim of satisfying their desire for adventure. Accommodation facilities are abundant while you are touring this region. Its closeness to most of the urban centers will enhance an awesome stay in these villages. These well-known structures are endowed with vibrant festivals and beautiful museums, for this reason, you have to keep your eyes open to enjoy every bit of occurrences. During your vacation in this place, you can engage yourself in several activities ranging from bracing walks and fireside pub sessions; accommodation is not a problem as there are many affordable hotels around and within this village. The Cotswolds is the place where every season offers something worth remembering.

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1. London

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London is among the few cosmopolitan cities in the world. As the capital of both England and the UK, it’s a thriving hub of culture, sport, media, food, history and business. It’s also a prime destination for couples to honeymoon. So iconic is the city that its skyline is instantly recognisable, whilst maps of the city from sites like make popular gifts for those who fall in love with Old London Town, as it is affectionately known. The city hosts so many incredibly impressive features that are worth mentioning but for the sake of easing the travel plan, we will focus on some of the astonishing buildings that make London the city of your dreams. Train stations like Kings Cross and St. Pancras, made famous by the Harry Potter franchise, are vital visits, whilst modern skyscrapers like the Shard and the Gherkin are also popular with tourists. The Tower of London is another impressive feature which will leave you amazed by looking at it. If you visit, you will hear the haunting stories associated with it e.g. the tales of ghosts inhabiting this tower. Its history dates back to the 11th C. when it served as a prison. This tower building is probably the most haunted building in England. Meanwhile, Tower Bridge across the Thames is an iconic structure you can’t miss, along with the more recent addition of the London Eye on its banks. The Palace of Westminster hosts the Houses of Parliament, the seat of British democracy, with Big Ben being the most recognisable structure in London, if not the UK. Similarly, Buckingham Palace is the home of the Queen, which you can tour on certain days. Accommodation and catering facilities while in London are unbeatable, thanks to the sheer number of hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars across the city. It’s also known as a shopping destination, with Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Regent Street and Harrods all offering world-class shopping options.

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As we all know, touring various regions of the world is inevitable as we must satisfy the urge for an adventure. However, choosing the best place to visit can be very tricky as we should tour worthy places that justify our spending. Visiting England is, of course, a wise decision because it is graced with a diversity of natural and man-made features. Visiting these five sites will offer a lifetime experience.

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