Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Belgium

The Kingdom of Belgium, as it is known officially is a country that lies in Western Europe. The country was one of the hot spots during the word war II. Despite this, it has experienced a rapid post-war development leading to attainment of industrialized country status. Tourism is one of the primary players in national growth. Belgium has a rich history which dates back to medieval times. In the ancient Flemish architecture adds the flavor to its tourism sector. Moreover, delicious cuisine, high- quality accommodation and serene environment enhance its attractiveness. To understand Belgium well, let us review the top 5 best places to visit while on holiday vacation.

5. Ardennes

Ardennes is on the southern side of Belgium. The region geographically and ecologically extends to France and Luxembourg. It mainly consists of challenging terrains, valleys and mostly covered by forest. The place saw the real wrath of both 1st and 2nd world wars. The battlefields are still available for a visit as you tour Ardennes. There are numerous villages scattered through this place which offers a glimpse of the culture of the original inhabitants. The traditional are resourceful in folk tales and ancient art. Interaction with them leaves one thrilled and longing for an extended stay. When you visit the area during the spring season, there is endless fun. You can have a chance to experience local events and sports. Common ones being cycling, walking through flora and fauna rich forests and horse riding. For the bike riders, the activity is very common here, from the regular cycling to high mountain challenges. The fun is available to mountain climbers and hikers. Fishing, canoeing, and kayaking are very popular for visitors in Lesse and Semois rivers. During the winter, the region is superb for ice skating, skiing, and scooter racing. After a fun full day, one can take a rest a broad range of restaurants, cottages, and castles.

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4. The Battlefields of Flanders


Flanders is in the northern Belgium. The region was once the center of battle during the 1st world war. It experienced a massive destruction of villages, towns, and cities. It is on this battlefield where more than 1million soldiers from 50 countries died, went missing or went back home wounded. Despite war being fought over hundred years ago, the region still bears battle scars. It offers various sites such as war museums, cemeteries, and monuments. One of the cemeteries to visit is Belgian war cemetery. The graveyard holds 1855 graves designed in a six sided star. These soldiers died during the war of liberation of 1918. The total number of graves is 1936 as it also houses 81 Italian troops. Other World War 1 sites in the region include Hooge crater museum, British Cemeteries, French Cemeteries and German Military Cemeteries. Some of the memorials are The Yser Memorial, A plaque at Ramskapelle and The Albert Memorial among many others. Ypres is also a great town which is thousands of years old. Although severely damaged during the war it has been restored. The accommodation while touring Flanders is in plenty, not forgetting the transport. Various accommodation facilities offer a variety of Belgian cuisine and the most famous Belgian chocolate.

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3. Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It is a city that has a lot of diversity. The town has many attraction sites that attract hundreds of tourists every day. The unique architecture of some houses causes a thrill to the visiting guest. Some of the must visit places and locations are Manneken Pis. This statue is an iconic to Brussels, measuring just 61 centimeters it is a great attraction to visitors. It features a small boy fountain urinating on water. Astonishingly, the little boy is regularly dressed. The statue was sculpted on 15th C. another fantastic place is Grand Place. This building is classified as world heritage by UNESCO. It traces its roots in 10thC, but the initial building was built in 15thC. The Grand place is among the top most visited place in the country. It housed several cafes and shops where one can rest as he/she enjoy the tasty chocolates. It is of major significant to Belgian culture as all cultural activities happen here. The Atomium, It is one of the known landmarks of the city, having built in 1958; the monument is famous for the tourist. At the top, it consists of restaurant that acts as an observatory tower. Amazingly the structure is made of cast iron. Other places to enjoy include Cathedral of St Michael & St Gudule, Basilique Nationale du Sacré-Coeur and Royal Palace among others. While in Brussels, you are at the heart of best accommodation facilities. On the other side transport satisfactory.

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2. Ghent

The city of Ghent stands in the northwestern region of Belgium at the meeting point of Scheld and Leie Rivers. The town was built in the middle age period. It is a major tourist destination due to its unique features dating back to the medieval times. When on vacation, you can explore several places and landmarks. Such places to spend time are St. Bavo’s. This church is among the most prominent buildings in the town. The original building was built in 942, however due to various accidents the current church building was erected in the 14th century. The inside houses a broad range of ancient treasures, sculptures, and magnificent interior designs. The Gravensteen castle, it was constructed on 11th C. the castle was originally used as headquarters of the count of Flanders until 14th C. it houses some of the torture tools that were used when it was a prison. Another important place is the Museum of Fine Arts. The museum is one of importance in Belgium as you can find a vast collection of information dating back middle age. It mainly concentrates on Flemish art. Accommodation is available as there are numerous hotels and restaurants and hotels in the city. The city has an efficient transport ranging from Road, Rail, and Air.

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1. Bruges

Bruges is the best tourist destination in Belgium. It is located in the Flanders province where it serves as its capital. It is classified as a heritage by UNESCO as it traces it was founded during the Bronze Age. As one tours this historic city, there are a lot of places and activities to do. Cycling, this is one of the activities that a person can undertake. It offers a moment to go around the city as you appreciate the exploration. Boat riding is another great moment along the canals. Some attractions to visit include Groeninge Museum. The museum houses a great collection of documents and artifacts as old as 14th C. Basilica of the Holy Blood, the church explicit a gothic style. Relics of the veil that contain what is said as Jesus blood is housed in this basilica. Other great places to tour while in Bruges are The Friet Museum, Jerusalem church, and Choco-Story Museum among other numerous options.

As one plans to start a vacation, it is to consider Belgium as your top choice. It has a rich history traceable to the Bronze Age which is rare to get. The abundance of excellent accommodation and transport system will ensure you don’t encounter any inconveniences.

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