Top 5 Best Place to Visit in Thailand

Thailand is one of the southern Asia that boasts a high number of tourist inflows annually. Some years back, it was among the top ten tourist destination worldwide. According to this ranking, Thailand had a tourist population of over 25 million. Tourism is an important sector and leading player in the development of this southern Asian nation. The reason that leads to flocking of visitors is due to the development and preservation of historic sites that are rich in history. Another factor is diversity regarding religion and culture. The mixture of ancient and modern architecture especially in the capital city, Bangkok plays a great role in luring visitors. To understand better about the tourism in Thailand, we are going to evaluate top 5 places to visit.

5. Railay

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Railay is one of the exciting places to visit while on holiday. When you get there, the first thing to see is beautiful geographical features. The Railay is situated in the south of Ao Nang, Krabi. The place is a small peninsula that is usually surrounded by prominent cliffs. These cliffs are composed of limestone, and their presence makes the place inaccessible by road. Thus, the only means of accessibility is by boat as you see stunning cliffs. This scenario usually gives a feeling of an island life. Due to the presence of high cliffs, it offers ideal conditions for rock climbing. There numerous schools that train people on the rock climbing. On these huge rocks, caves are common. On the other side, there exist stunning beaches with powdery sand where one can relax. The peak season to the Railay is between November and April. Accommodation is available at several resorts. Accessibility is solely by boat, or if you like trekking, you can walk through the designated routes.

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4. Khao Sok National Park

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Life in a national park is always great. It is where one can enjoy the wonderfulness of nature. The Khao Sok National Park is one major park in Thailand. It is found in Khao Lak, Krabi, Koh Samui and Phuket. These places are the major tourist destination. The park according to available information has the oldest vegetation on earth. There are giant limestone mountains that offer a fascinating view. The deep valleys, caves, waterfalls, and lakes make the environment in the park excellent. Inside the park, there is the variety of wildlife which, will thrill you. Some of the activities ones can engage in while on holiday include trekking, camping, and canoeing. Places to visit in the park include; Floating luxury tents at Cheow Larn Lake. At this place, you will have a chance to encounter with elephants, Asian oxen, monkeys, and hornbills. It is also a home to various reptiles. The other great moment is with rare Asian elephants. You can interact with them, wash and feed them as you learn their ways. The accommodation is available in the park or the neighboring towns. You can also decide on camping.

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3. Phuket

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Phuket Is situated in the southern part of Thailand and is the country’s biggest island. It is linked to the rest of the country by the bride at the north to Phang Nga. Phuket is one the famous visitors’ destination in the country. It boasts lots of attraction where one can spend his/her holiday. The major attractions and activities one can undertake include sightseeing. There are many places where one can visit. Phang Nga Bay, this Bay features some incredible features which can be explored by a boat. The most notable ones are lagoons and caves in the ocean. Prompthep Cape Viewpoint; this point is the meeting point for the touring visitors. It is a perfect photographic zone where people enjoy clicking sunset images. The big Phuket Buddha, the statue is marble made and spans 40 meters high. It is white in color, and you will have a chance to view the artistic nature of ancient inhabitant of Phuket. Another place to make a visit is Phuket Fantasea Show. The place is ever crowded with tourist. The main attracting event in this park is the traditional performance of Thai stories. You will have a chance to see docile giant elephants gracing the events.

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2. Chiang Mai

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The Chiang Mai is the largest city in the northern Thailand. The city holds its significance due to its cultural diversity. At around 1296–1768 it served as the capital, Kingdom of Lanna. More than 700 years since its foundation there are numerous ancient and modern attraction sites. Some of them include; Wat Prathat Doi Suthep. This temple is one of the oldest temple Thailand being built in 1386. Besides being a famous religious place, it acts as an attraction for tourists. When touring this temple you can have a feel of relaxing atmosphere. There are waterfalls as you walk as you head to the temple. Wat Chiang Man is another temple almost old as the town itself. It is an important site bearing in mind that it houses two Buddha images estimated to be more two thousand years. Entry free and it opens from 06 to 17 hours. Chiang Mai Zoo. This zoo is situated in a hilly place and has a variety of animals. You can access area through a tram. Chiang Mai National Museum. For people with a craving for the ancient history, this museum offers a great moment. There are collections of artifacts and war weaponry. One can learn a lot of Thai culture in the museum.

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1. Bangkok

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Bangkok is the political and economic powerhouse in the Thailand. It is famous due to its numerous shrines signifying its importance regarding spiritual aspects. While on tour to this metropolis there are various attraction sites that you can explore. Chatuchak Market, the largest market in the whole country of its kind. With over 8 thousand stalls one can shop various items from electronics to clothes. Another place to tour is Wat Arun. This attraction site is situated along the Chao Phraya River. It is the oldest temple in Bangkok, and it attracts huge numbers of visitors per year. Another attractive temple is Temple of the Reclining Buddha. It is the most famous in the city. It was built in last 200 years ago. The fascinating fact about this temple is that it houses the highest number of Buddha images. Also, it hosts a reclining Buddha statue which is gold plated. Other places to visit in Bangkok Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw, Khao San Road, and Lumphini Park.

Based on the review above, it is evident that Thailand is one of the countries blessed with rich history, beautiful beaches, and other fascinating features. While on holiday, there are numerous options available that can make you fall in love with Thailand forever.

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