Top 5 Best Place to Visit in Myanmar

Myanmar is a country located in the southern part of continental Asia. Its official name is Republic of the Union of Myanmar and is also known as to as Burma. The ancient Myanmar was organized into kingdoms. After the collapsing of these regimes, they left behind ruins which are great tourist attraction today. The tourism sector in this nation is not entirely exploited despite having enormous potential to boost the economy. With the formation of a democratic government, the industry is picking up with the streamlining of policies. Despite the challenges, Myanmar has numerous attraction sites that are visited by many visitors both local and international. To support this, we are going to review the best top 5 places to visit in Myanmar.

5. Golden Rock (Mount Kyaiktiyo)

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Some things are so exciting and unbelievable. Just imagine a rock standing several meters high and itself is several meters in diameter; resisting the law of gravity. This scenario is what you get when you visit Golden Rock. A huge rock that is 7.6 meters tall and an erected pagoda is going to glamor your tour. It is painted in golden color which makes it look fabulous. In this rock, it is among the top holiest places in Myanmar alongside Shwedagon Pagoda. To access the golden stone, you must ascend an elevated terrain. At its position, you will have a chance to see the beauty of the jungle and Mon state mountains. The place usually receives a lot of visitors, especially during the peak seasons. Therefore, overcrowding is common even when walking in the narrow lanes. For the people who love hiking, you can decide to hike starting from Kinpun. One can get accommodation at a place called Kinpun. One of most fascinating fact is that only men are allowed to touch the stone. A lot of festivals happen here annually, if you are lucky, you can experience one.

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4. Taung Kalat Monastery

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This fascinating monastery is found in the central part of Myanmar. The elevation is over 1500 meters above the sea level. The temple is constructed on an unusual high place hence the name Taung Kalat, which means pedestal hill. Due to volcanic activities, the results were the formation of a raised section where the monastery stands today. It stands 737 meters above the ground making the climbing to the summit an enjoyable experience. There are many activities available in the place. Some of them include climbing a staircase with 777 steps. The climbing is exhausting to some people, though. Once on the top you will have a chance to have a clear and broad view of the surrounding areas like Mount Popa and Bagan city. If your eye sights are okay or when using binoculars, you can be able to see up to 50 km. in additional to that, the area is surrounded by an arid type of vegetation although it has over 200 streams. There is a park and a water reservoir. The two major festivals are celebrated at the Taung Kalat. It is important to ensure your safety first to avoid accidents.

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3. Inle Lake

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Inle Lake is found on west side of Shan state. The lake is a fresh water lake thus inhabited by a variety of fish. Being the second largest lake in the country it is of significant important. Touring the lake will leave you thrilled. You will experience floating houses and market. houses are usually raised to avoid water flooding. Another funny thing is fishermen who exercise an extraordinary way of boat rowing. They wrap one of their legs into the oar and the work begins. One cannot go hungry while on the tour to Inle Lake, there are many restaurants which offer various meals. Interacting with local people is another unforgettable moment as you can learn some of their ways of life. Additionally, they do sell traditional attires, jewelry, and other artworks. Boat trips are among the most popular activities in the Lake starting from Nyaung Shwe moving northwards for several miles. The charges for a boat ride are approximately 10 dollars. For photograph fanatics along the Lakeshore, one can have a chance to take photos with women from Kayan community. They usually put on a ring on the neck to make it elongated.

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2. Bagan temples

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In the plains of Bagan, is where you will find hundreds of temples scattered. The area is very rich in the history of Burmese peoples concerning religion. The site is yet to be classified as UNESCO word heritage, and the richest archeological sites in the continental Asia. Due to its expansiveness once you buy a ticket it stays valid for five days to allow you explore the area to the maximum. According to the available information, it is estimated that these temples were built between the 9th century and 13th century. This time, Began was the capital of Pagan, more than a thousand temples were constructed along river Irrawaddy. One of the best ways of exploring these temples is by use of hot air balloon. During the dawn one is welcomed by the morning mist covering the plateau. Other means include the use of motorbikes, horse carts, and taxis. The price will differ depending on your choice of transport mode. For instance for hot air balloon, you will pay $275. Accommodation is available at various restaurants.

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1. Shwedagon Pagoda

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The Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the finest places to visit in Myanmar. It is one of a few holiest locations in the country. According to archeologists, the pagoda is over 2500 years old. The people of Myanmar consider it as an important national identifying factor. There are many features to see on the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is visible from all corners of the city as it soars 99 meters above the ground. In additional, it is situated on a hilltop. Accessibility can either be from four ways, eastern, western northern and southern. Once inside some of the unforgettable experiences include massive stupas on the center of the temple. The main stupa is coated with gold and diamonds which make it appear shiny. The total diamond is 200 karats. To the northern part is a Chinese prayer hall. It features carvings from wood and dragons. To the northwest is a gigantic bell weighing 25 tons. The temple is rich in many unusual features which can be exhaustively seen when you pay a visit.

Myanmar is a rich tourist destination. Coupled with ancient temples, natural attraction sites and man-made structures, one cannot lack a place to relax during the vacation period. If you are stranded on where to spend your next holiday, there is no stress try Myanmar.

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