Top 5 Best Place to Visit Malaysia

Southern Asia is one of the places on earth with rich history, culture, and biodiversity. Different countries in this region have diverse cultural activities that, every country is unique in its way. For now, let us focus our attention on Malaysia. It is one of the great Asian economies. The steady development was triggered by the abundance of natural resources and conducive climate. Tourism is a vital sector, which has enabled the country to grow. Numerous places attract tens of thousands of tourists every year. They include beaches, monuments wildlife, and other manmade structures. We are going to look into details some of top 5 must-visit places in Malaysia.

5. Cameron Highlands

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There are good numbers of people who love the quietness of the nature. Some do not like the noise associated with urban areas. Cameron Highlands can be an appropriate place for you. The highlands are located 12.4 miles north of capital Kuala Lumpur. Climatic conditions here are cold and humid, so you must be properly equipped. You will be surprised that area is the largest tea-producing zone in Malaysia. Thus, whenever maneuvering the terrain, you will see beautiful tea plantations. You will have the chance to view mossy forests. Very early, before the sun rises, one can observe a refreshing scene as whitish fog covers the area. The reason it is called mossy forest is you will discover that moss plants cover almost every tree making them have a green color. This forest is situated on Mt Brichang thus; you may decide to take a hiking expedition to the peak. It will be a crime not to visit the largest tea producer in Malaysia, BOH tea plantation. It is an outstanding experience as one look across the estate; your eyes will encounter a beautiful green color of tea plants. Other great experiences while on these highlands include hiking trails, scene seeing and visiting local people to see the life of the original Malaysian inhabitants. Accommodation and transport are available upon arrangement.

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4. Kinabatangan River and Sukau-Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary

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Kinabatangan River is amongst longest rivers in Malaysia; it is in position two. The river is found Borneo island in the state of Sabah. As it flows, it passes through some of most appealing parks such as Sukau-Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary. While on tour to this river through a boat ride, one can enjoy due to natural beauty coupled with wildlife. There are elephants, snakes, monkeys, crocodiles and many others including birds. Accessing the upper side of the river by road is done by use of vehicles. When it is wet, it can be challenging and calls for the use of 4-wheel drives; some people do like off-road experiences, though. Some thrilling moments in the park include watching various types of wild animals. There are crocodiles, which are mostly asleep during the daytime. During the night, you can have the chance to see their shining eyes when illuminated with a source of light. Other fascinating animals are the proboscis monkeys that are mostly spotted at evening times. At times, it is possible to trace elephants, various insects, and a variety of birds. Other activities include river cruise and animal spotting games. For accommodation and transport, one can arrange with local companies in the area.

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3. Penang Island

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Penang Island forms the epicenter of Malaysian tourism. It is a small island situated on the northwestern side of Malaysian peninsular. Though small, it is highly populated. Where one can visit, include the pearl of orient/ Georgetown, this is the capital of this island. The town of Pearl has a rich history dating back the times of sea piracy. It has a lot of cultural diversity thus have the uniqueness from the rest of Malaysia. Once in this town, you will have a chance to taste great dishes. Some of the stunning features found in Penang are beautiful beaches. The island has one of the most attractive and appealing beaches in Malaysia where one can spend his holiday. They have clear and warm water and white sands. Shopping in the island too can offer a lot of fun, there are many items that one can buy here ranging from clothes and electronics. Majority enjoys the night market. The town of Georgetown has big hotels in abundance where one can spend his time not forgetting private beaches. One can take a tour to a small village famous for fishing activates. it is about 4miles away. The place is called Teluk Bahang. While here, you can visit Penang national park to see turtle breeding. Accommodation and transport in Penang are readily available and on can book from various companies.

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2. The Island of Langkawi

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The Island of Langkawi is located 18.6 miles from the mainland to the north. It is surrounded by other small islands numbering more than 100. The most source of income if this island is tourism this you can expect many exciting things like alcoholic drinks and perfumes. The island receives more than 2 million tourists per year and is considered as a world GeoPark by UNESCO in 2007. You will experience beautiful beaches while touring Langkawi. Other natural features are hills, waterfalls, valleys and rice paddy fields. Some of the thrilling activities you can undertake are taking a ride on Langkawi cable cars. The cable car will offer you a ride of about 1.4miles as you have a view of small islands and seven wells waterfalls. You can also spend your time while watching various animals like silver leaf monkeys, butterflies, and lizards. There are many accommodation and transport agencies.

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1. Kuala Lumpur

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For the people who love the urban life, Kuala Lumpur offers the best choice when one touring Malaysia. Being the capital city it has various attraction sites as well as many activities one can do. You can do shopping; there are more than 50 malls available. One of the most known malls where you can shop is the golden triangle. As you shop, the nearby is the iconic Petronas towers which stands stunning and if it is at night you can experience their eye-catching illumination. The other remarkable areas are marketplaces. One of the most known markets is Chinatown. It is situated in Petaling Street; here you can buy everything from clothing’s, electronics and leather commodities. You can have a chance to taste great Chinese dishes on the night market. The city has other amenities where you can spend time like high-speed Internet cyber cafes. Accommodation places are plenty depending on your preferences.

It is evident that Malaysia is a tourism hub. When touring this nation, there are many activities one can pursue. From high altitude tea growing areas to beautiful beaches, they will leave you with a lot of love for Malaysia.

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