Top 5 Best Place to Visit Cambodia

Every country has a unique culture, social life, and geographical features. It is these aspects that lead to nature diversity. People have been developing the urge to move from out of their original homelands for the purpose of leisure and exploration. In this section, we are going to focus our attention on a country in the Asian continent known as Cambodia. Many people love this country for its beauty. There exist top most places where every visitor to Cambodia must visit otherwise; they will have missed a lot. The following are some of the top 5 places to make a tour.

5. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

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Tou Sleng genocide museum is one of the places to pay a visit when you are on tour in Cambodia. The site expresses horrors in which more than 17000 prisoners went through. It is open to local and international visitors. This museum was initially a high school, which was taken over by Khmer Rouge regime. The administration converted it to a prison (security prison 21/ S-21) which regime used to carry out their atrocities. Those who were convicted in this prison underwent a horrendous experience as the authorities used cruel methods of extracting information from the prisoners. The prison can be compared to the Nazi concentration camps whereby after the torture prisoners were sent to the execution fields. Before the execution, all inmates were photographed and their information documented; you will be shocked that, the execution was done even to children. Today their pictures are lined on the wall, and there are some skulls preserved on the glass cabinets to serve as evidence. Also, there is also other preserved evidence like interrogation rooms and torture waterboards that show the Khmer Rouge brutality. As you enter the complex, the compound looks lively with well maintain fields depicting the school scenery but inside the experience is different. It is said that only seven prisoners were rescued alive.

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4. Angkor Archaeological Park

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Once in this archeological park, you are going to experience a magical look of the ruins. Angkor was the powerhouse of the Khmer empire in around 9th-15th C. it is a major attraction site in the entire South Asia, attracting more than 2millions visitors per year. The site covers approximately 400km including the forest. There are many structures on the site, which shows the extent of ancient civilization. While visiting this site, you will be able to see the exceptional architectures, which include temples, urban planning, and other beautiful geographical features. One of the most remarkable is the temples Angkor Wat; it has a lot of Cambodian history. Other stunning features are man-made canals and dikes and water reservoirs. Once leaving the place, you will be able to testify that Angkor was a center of economic, social and religious diversity. It is one of the world heritage sites since 1992. Accessibility is enabled by various transportation such as bus, taxis, and boats. Entry Charges vary, but it is a good place to make a visit.

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3. Ta Prohm

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Another place worth a tour is Ta Prohm. This temple offers a serene atmosphere as you watch gigantic trees growing on the top of the temple structures. The buildings are estimated to be constructed in 12th-13thC by then the king of Khmer. Previously known as Rajavihara, it was dedicated to the king’s mother. The site is almost in its original state, unlike other temples, making it ideal for people who love photo sessions. The stable conditions of the structures will make you have the taste of the ancient architecture. However, getting inside is prohibited as entrance tunnels are blocked by decaying materials and building carved stones. These stones pose the danger of collapsing thus causing harm. The most noticeable spots in the Ta Prohm is the crocodile tree and the tomb raider tree. The place is a real thrill and worth some of your time. Accessibility can be organized using various transportation means while the ideal visiting time is in the morning hours.

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2. Bayon Temple

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The Khmer empire according to the current ruins has proved that it was one of the powerful kingdoms in the world. Bayon temple is one of the structures that stumps this evident. The King of Khmer Jayavarman VII built the temple in 12thC. He made it the state temple of Angkor Thom. Though this change after his death. It is a fascinating place to visit as one can enjoy great architecture. The walls feature massive stone carvings statues. These figures were meant to signify achievements done by the person’s in the image on the carving; these carvings are to the inside. To the outside are the stone statues indicating the ordinary Khmer people lives. There are also other forms of sculptures, which were meant to signify different activities. There are many more features which visitor can enjoy. The general appearance of the temple appears sophisticated and beautiful. Inside is rich in historical information about the people of Khmer empire.

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1. Angkor Wat

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This one is a must visit place. It was constructed in 12th C and mainly was mean for Hindu deity. However, the change when the Angkor city was invaded. Its architecture is stunning to an extent; it is one of the world wonders. The outstanding features are a great attraction to many visitors from all over the world. On the other hand, hundreds of Buddhist monks are daily visitors to the temple. When visiting the temple, there are various features that you are guaranteed to see. Some include numerous water channels, which are manmade. There are numerous galleries decorated on the outer and inner walls, depicting various activities and personalities. The other feature is the central shrine with various ancient components and a library. To the inside also there are decorations of Khmer, the decorations indicated different aspects of life like gods and people. There are many memorable features you can see when you visit. So, make a date and enjoy the beauty of Angkor Wat. Remember this temple is under UNESCO world heritage.

Travelling is meant to be enjoyable. However, not all times that people find it fulfilling. When you plant to visit Cambodia, there are 5places that you should not skip and your holiday will be the unforgettable one.

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